Which SRS technique is right for me?​

June 17, 2020

Which SRS technique is right for me?​

***This is not an academic medical article. I am writing this based on my 10-year experience as a professional consultant in transgender surgery.

Which SRS technique is right for me?
When you take a huge, life-changing decision to do Gender Reassignment Surgery, you must search thoroughly for the best surgeon and the best clinics. Another consideration is the surgical technique itself. Should I do MtF sex reassignment surgery with skin grafts technique or Sigmoid colon technique?  This is the most common question raised.

First things first, let us learn more about modern sex reassignment surgery techniques: Skin Graft technique and Sigmoid Colon Graft technique.

Skin Graft technique (penile skin inversion/scrotal skin graft/abdominal skin graft): a standard vaginoplasty that is considered as the most popular regarding that the risk and complication rate is low. It requires the use of penile skin including scrotal skin and the skin in low transverse abdominal or groinal area to support the creation of vaginal cavity

Now to the Sigmoid Colon Graft Technique:
This technique is designed to assist patients with short genitals or patients who have vaginal stenosis after the primary sex reassignment surgery). The sigmoid colon is cut via the low transverse abdominal incision to create a lubricated vagina which compasses greater depth than the skin graft technique and, more importantly, is most resemble to the female sexual organ. However, please be aware that there is possible complication and the risk rate which is higher than Skin Graft Technique.

It can be seen that both techniques have their advantages and disadvantages. As a consultant, I cannot give you a certain answer, just a recommendation, considering that each customer has different condition, expectation and need.

Which SRS technique is right for me?​

OK, now, Skin Graft or Sigmoid Colon Graft?

Check on below checklist before making your decision.

1. the dimension of your penile and scrotal skin: most people can undergo Skin Graft surgery. In case that the possibility is low and you are concerned about the risk and complication from Skin Graft technique, we still have Abdominal Skin Graft technique as an option.

2. Your body structure : in case that you are interested in Sigmoid Colon Graft Technique, your BMI (Body Mass Index) should be maximum 23 and you shouldn’t have much fat in your abdomen. The surgeons will take a careful examination and recommend you if your physical condition is ready for the MtF Surgery.

3. Chronic medical conditions: you should not undergo Colovaginoplastry surgery if you happen to have any chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, Thyroid or HIV+. This is to avoid risks or complications during or after the operation.

4. Your budget: apart from operation cost and cost of living in Thailand, you need to consider having extra allowance/advance in case that there are problems after the surgery. Don’t forget that you are out of your country and operation cost in private hospital here is rather high.

5. Your personal concerns: The essential of the vagina you desire (its depth, sensation, self-lubrication function, scar and dilation)

6. Risks and complications: you should be aware of risks, as well as, the disadvantages of each technique and ask yourself if you can bare it in the worst-case scenario. Even in the hands of the most professional surgeon, remember that complications can always happen.

Go through the checklist and give us the above information. Our professionals will advise you the most suitable surgery technique. what you get from booking the sex reassignment surgery with us, you will have us as your companion for your SRS journey in Thailand. We will provide you advice, answer your every question both before and after operation in long-term. (You can rest aside. We’re free to use; which means you pay exactly the same price you’d be charged if you went direct to the clinic.)

Trust in us. We will closely cheer you on the success of the operation, right next to you :)​

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