What You Need to Know Before Deciding to Do Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand​

July 30, 2020

What You Need to Know Before Deciding to Do Cosmetic Surgery in Thailand​

Top universities from around the globe are teaching medical students from all over the world how to be at the top of their game. All of this means that you no longer have to feel forced to pay for an expensive procedure at home. You can travel to a place where you can get the surgery you want without breaking the bank.

We are often asked “Is Thailand safe for cosmetic surgery?” as, every year, thousands of cosmetic surgery patients book into hospitals in Thailand. With over 2 million foreign visitors arriving each year for surgery, medical procedures and treatments, Thailand is the No. 1 medical tourism destination in the world. Having surgery in Thailand is a big decision and we are here to help eliminate your anxiety and concerns.

Thailand is well known for doctors that have received their training in Western nations, offering a range of procedures and surgeries. Even the island of Phuket has been known for its range of cosmetic procedures at specialty clinics and large hospitals.

There are hundreds of hospitals in this country of almost 70 million people, not all hospitals in Thailand have the same standards. Thailand does have a selection of hospitals that rank amongst the most modern in the world and a number are also accredited by US and European hospital rating organizations.

Thai medical industry offers aesthetic surgeries, diagnostic services, dental and vision treatments, gender reassignment surgery and even penis magnification (penis enlargement surgery) to international clients. Yet, not all patients are good candidates for taking a medical tour to Thailand due to travel restrictions and limitations of having cosmetic surgery.

What are the typical cosmetic surgery prices in Thailand?
With hospitals like Bumrungrad International in Bangkok offering high-class service to patients at a more affordable price, medical tourism has been on the rise in Thailand.Prices are always changing, and what you pay for your cosmetic surgery in Thailand depends on exchange rates. When comparing to the costs you will find back home while still maintain the quality of doctor and value of service, average patients coming to Thailand can expect to save between 20%-65% on healthcare costs.

What are some of the best medical facilities for cosmetic surgery in Thailand?
A   few of the top rated hospitals and facilities that offer a wide range of plastic surgery procedures include Sikarin Hospital in Bangkok, Phi Beauty Clinic in Phuket, Absolute Care Clinic in Chiang Mai, Chiangmai Ram Hospital in Chiang Mai, Bangpakok 9 International Hospital in Bangkok, Radiant Medical Phuket, Nirunda in Bangkok, Proderma in Bangkok, and Thainakarin Hospital in Bangkok.

During your search for the right facility and the right doctor you should ask for a tour of the facility before signing on to have your surgery there. You should also ask every question you could possibly have in mind about before and after surgery care (especially for sex reassignment surgery) that you will be receiving to the staff so that you could put your mind at ease.



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