How To Reduce Pain After Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)​

March 29, 2019

How To Reduce Pain After Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Fear of the pain after facial feminization surgery is one of the most common sources of preoperative anxiety in patients. The good news is that, depend on the procedures you undergo, facial feminization procedures that are performed properly by a highly qualified surgical team should not result in intense pain post-op. This post will help you overcome pain after facial feminization surgery.

Pre-operative preparation
Taking steps to ensure your physical health is as good as possible before your FFS procedure can influence levels of pain and speed up your recovery. Ensure your doctor knows about any health conditions and medications you are taking, and follow their instructions to avoid certain substances before surgery. HRT doesn't need to be suspended before surgery since you will be administered an anti-thrombotic medication to counteract the clotting effects of hormones.

Understanding what to expect during and after your operation and asking the staff psychologist any questions you might have will set you on the path to a faster recovery with minimal pain.

Pain after operation
It's normal to experience some discomfort associated with swelling, bruising and inflammation after surgery—usually peaks 2 to 3 days. Fortunately, most patients report that the pain after FFS is no worse than a headache or hangover and can be closely controlled with analgesics. FFS patients usually feel well enough to leave the hospital a couple days after the operation.

Recovery time from the surgery
The complete recovery period for FFS patients is considered to be over after one year approximately. That sounds like a long time, but it is because the results of the surgery may continue to improve throughout that time. What most people think of as the post-op recovery period actually lasts approximately 2-6 weeks. Depending on the procedures that were done and how the healing progresses, patients can return to their basic daily routine within 10 days and go back to desk jobs in about 3 weeks.

Tips to minimize pain after the surgery
There are a variety of strategies that can be used to reduce pain after FFS and promote a speedy recovery:

▪ Having a trusted friend or family member by your side before and after surgery so you can take it easy.

▪ No smoking. As smoking counteracts the healing of wound, it's strongly recommended not smoking 3 weeks before and after surgery.

▪ Relaxation and stress management exercises. For example, deep breathing, meditation, visualization, and techniques like progressive muscular relaxation.

▪ Manual lymphatic drainage. This is an extremely gentle massage technique used to promote the flow of lymph through the body, stimulating production of white blood cells and helping remove toxins more efficiently.

▪ Hilotherapy or cryotherapy. Icing is often recommended to reduce swelling, but applying frozen icepacks is not ideal for healing. Hilotherapy uses a special mask for controlled cooling, reducing inflammation without interfering with the body’s natural healing process.

▪ Acupuncture. Some patients find this treatment very relaxing, and the endorphins released during acupuncture can help reduce FFS pain.


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