Your SRS Trip to Thailand: Getting Ready for it!

After booking the Sex Reassignment Surgery with us, it is hard for the first timers to imagine how the trip’s going to be. As a medical tourist, the activities, well-beings and visits to sights in Bangkok are, of course, different from other kinds of tourism.


We are going to give you some ideas about the trips.


Which hotel/accommodation to stay: We will provide you a list of accommodations according to your requirements. For example, if you love cooking by yourself, we will short-list serviced apartments with installed kitchen located near supermarket or if you are into full service with meals served right at your door, we will arrange a hotel as per your requirement within the clinic’s area However, we recommend you to stay at the hotel or residence close to the clinic where you have your SRS.


Where can I get food: Bangkok is one of the food-lover’s and gastronome’s dream destinations. There are many choices of food you can choose; clean food? Traditional Thai food? Chinese food? International food? We have them all. More importantly, as you are advised not to moving around too much, you can order food through delivery service applications like Grab Food, Food Panda, Line Man on your smartphone.


Your brief traveling plan in Bangkok after touching down in Bangkok in 3 basic steps:


Pre-operative preparation


  • Preoperative consultation with surgeon – First, we go visit the surgeon for basic medical check-up. The surgeon will inquire you on your health record, as well as, your expectations from the surgery and give out advice which surgery techniques is recommended in order to avoid complications and meet the patient’s expectation, as close as possible.


  • Preoperative screening lab test – Then, we go get the official medical certificate. In case that you have any underlying disease, the surgeon may require you to get extra medical clearance from the specialists.


  • Meet the psychiatrist – According to Thailand’s sex change laws, in order to undergo the SRS, the patients are required to have 2 reference letters diagnosed the patients with gender dysphoria from Thai psychiatrists. Also, you are obliged to have a reference letter from a psychiatrist in your country at hands.


The scheduled operation day and rehabilitating period at the hospital


  • On the surgery day - our team will pick you up from your accommodation to the clinic, cooperate with the clinic and certainly be beside you until the moment you enter operation room.


  • After the surgery - you will be monitored closely by the surgeon during his/her shift and nurses who give direct reports to the surgeon 24 hours. You can express your concerns and ask any question to the surgeon team.


  • Time to rest - as your body is weak and the surgical wound might be a bit painful sometimes, we recommend you to rest. You can take a nap, surf the internet (Wi-fi is, of course, available for free at your room), watch movies/Netflix. After 2-3 days, the surgeon may allow you for a short walk in the room.


  • Leaving the clinic – we will pick you up with care, make sure that you get adequate medication, ensure that you are capable of noticing and identifying any complication and give out our contact in case that any complication occurs.


Convalescence at your accommodation


  • Postoperative check-up - your surgeon will check up on you on the 7th and 14th days after the surgery and, together with our professionals, advice you on how to take good care of yourself.


  • What to do? – it is recommended that patients shouldn’t move too much as it can affect the surgical wound. Take full rest and do some small free-time activities like playing games, surfing on the internet, watching Netflix, sunbathing at the swimming pool area (but you aren’t allowed to dive in the water just yet) or visiting café nearby for a cup of coffee or tea.





Q: Can I go sightseeing?

A: SRS requires a considerably longer amount of time to recover than other plastic surgeries and it is better for you to stay at your accommodation after the surgery. We insist that the recovery must be prioritized no.1. There is also an option that patients consider arriving in Bangkok 5-7 days before the surgery day to go visiting Bangkok’s landmarks and shopping.


Q: Can I take a long flight back to my country after the surgery?

A: We would like all patients to stay and have a recovery period of at least 2 weeks. In case that there is no complication detected during these 2 week and are allowed to bare a long flight, the clinic will issue 2 documents, ‘SRS certificate’ and ‘Fit to fly’, for you and we will coordinate with the airline to provide wheelchair and an assistant at your service at the airport  (from the check-in counter in Bangkok to the check-out counter in your country) for your convenience.


Q: What should I pack?

A: Don’t stuff too many in your luggage. Overloading might be a problem on your way back home. Take only summer and comfortable clothes and shoes and an adequate number of underwear. Leave out the shoes with high-heels and skin-tight attire at home.


Q: Can I come to Thailand alone?

A: 30% of our customers choose to come to Thailand alone and pass through all processes with great confidence and bravery, with us alongside. Think whether you can bare time alone in your accommodation after the surgery or whether you can take care of yourself properly. Light daily activities like cleaning yourself, washing dishes, cooking easy dishes are possible for you. However, if you happen to have mental health issues like depression or anxiety, we advice you to bring along a person who can support you mentally.


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