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August 02, 2018


As the face is always noticed first, Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is the perfect gift an MTF Transgender can have to uncover the ultimate womanish version of herself! It’s a series of procedures that syncs the person “inside” with who we are “outside”.

Facial Feminization ProceduresEvery face is unique and requires different procedures. The following are cosmetic procedures for facial feminization:

▪ Forehead Lift
▪ Mid-Facelift
▪ Neck Lift

▪ Upper Blepharoplasty
▪ Lower Blepharoplasty

▪ Rhinoplasty
▪ Alarplasty
▪ Tip-plasty

▪ Brow Reduction
▪ Cheek Implant
▪ Cheek Reduction
▪ Cheek Lipofilling
▪ Mandible Angle Reduction
▪ Chin Implant
▪ Chin Reshaping
▪ Adam’s Apple Shaving

Here're a few individual procedures explanation.

Adam’s Apple Shaving
The Adam’s apple is a unique feature of adult males. If you have a prominent Adam’s apple that is constantly causing you embarrassment, you can undergo Adam’s Apple Shaving or a Thyroid Cartilage Reduction to shave off the maximum allowed amount of thyroid prominence. The outcome is having the appearance of a female neck.

Rhinoplasty & Nose Reshaping
The aim of Feminizing Rhinoplasty is to decrease the overall size of the nose while adjusting its shape and profile to make it look more feminine. But the greatest challenge with feminizing Rhinoplasty is making certain that your nose will stay in harmony with the rest of your facial features.

Mandible Angle Reduction
In most cases, the male jaw is shaped wider and higher compared to the female jaw. Males typically carry wider, heavier-set jawlines unlike females with a heavier mid-body area along with a sharper angle between the chin and jaw including a flat base, presenting a male jawline a recognized square look. The jawlines of females usually have rounder edges, tend to be more tapered and pointed – even in cases when the jawline may appear square. Mandible Angle Reduction is performed to transform and feminize the prominent male jawlines.

If your skin in the cheek area has started to sag before your facial skeleton was feminized, you may need a Mid-facelift also called a Cheek lift or Rhytidoplasty. If you’re young, chances are high that the soft tissues will re-adjust over the restructured bone preventing saggy cheeks, revealing the new female outline of the remodeled facial skeleton.

When you’re a bit older, your soft tissues may not be able to re-adjust to the new facial bone so a mid-facelift is performed to “lift” the mid face area to bring out the shape of the jaw and chin bones and grants your face additional years of youth for you to enjoy. This procedure is usually the last that is performed in the facial feminization process.

FFS will increase the probability that you will be perceived as female by others, especially yourself! This is the final step in the full transition of the individual, however, choosing the right surgeon with the right skill set is the most important decision you will ever make – even more important than the procedure itself!


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