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Alana, Australia​​

August 27, 2018

Alana, Australia​

Hi Charee,

2017 has been a big year for me! The transformation of my body has been well planned and dreamt of over decades. Finally all of my personal situations had re-positioned to allow my plan of sexual reassignment surgery (SRS) from male to female become a reality. The physical changes after surgery to my body in many ways were not surprising because I would wake up picturing what I should look like each morning and then be horrified to see the reality of male genitalia. Now I wake up to see what I always imagined to be the natural me. If I wasn’t certain before (I was certain) then this confirmed I had made the right decision. Having said that, each time I see my body in the mirror I am thrilled as my newly enhanced breasts naturally emphasise my body and give the illusion of a narrower waistline. My body and female genitals sit perfectly with my consciousness. The scar lines are perfect and will fade and I feel the external appearance of my female genitalia are second to none.I arrived in Thailand Apr ’17 for a hair transplant operation. Whilst there I began serious investigations into who I should choose for my planned SRS. I visited three clinics. As I am a health professional myself I have a fair amount of insight into what I should be looking for. I was after excellent results, meticulous care, and honest opinions with professional guidance. I knew that when it came time for the surgery I would need a supportive team who understood what I have been through to get to the point of requiring SRS. I found the Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) offered the professionalism that I sought…good honest advice, without trying to convince me that I needed more surgery. The doctor and administrative people that helped me were knowledgeable, thorough, empathic and kind.

The PAI also offered another service that ultimately convinced me I was with the right people, a concierge service. Charee was able to clarify questions that I was not able to convey to other members of the team as her grasp on the English language is excellent. Charee is very intelligent and wise, she offered clarity, honesty, and incredible knowledge about all things transgender :-). If she didn’t have the answer instantly she would seek the answer from the correct source; she has integrity that can be trusted! My experience showed that in preparation for the operations there are many questions that pop up. During the recovery time there are also many questions that I felt I could ask without feeling a pest. Charee made my life-changing journey a smooth one. The stress and anxiety of such a decision was much reduced as Charee was around. Helping with the paperwork, transporting me to the various Psychiatrists and Cardiac Doctors prior to surgery, transporting me to the hospital and the clinic from the hotel and airport; all of these things reduced the stress so that I could be at my best for the operation. Charee was able to offer well priced hotel suggestions, lovely restaurant and local eatery suggestions. Most of all she offered empathy and compassion because she has an understanding that has grown from helping many transgender folk before me. As she had this experience, non of her advice was overstated or exaggerated. This is important because you are entrusting yourself to professionals and are seeking wonderful outcomes. I am very happy and satisfied with my surgical outcomes now but post surgical swelling and inflammation had me most concerned. If it wasn’t for Charee offering matter-of-fact advice and advocacy, I would have been in deep despair. However it all turned out as she explained it would.

If I was to manage the PAI, I would want Charee employed as part of my team. Charee without you my journey would have been much harder…thank you! Please use this letter to help reassure other potential or new clients of your service if you wish. You are free to offer my e-mail address to potential clients so that I can personally reassure them of the service you offer.

Yours in high regard and sincere gratitude,
Alana, Australia

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