The hospital does. I am a liaison between you , the patient, and thesurgeon to facilitate the sex change trip prior to patient's arrival until patient's departure. 

Our consulting services include the following:

* Trip Planning and SRS documents preparation

* SRS and FFS surgeon suggestion

* Interpretation during Preoperative Consultation with Doctor

* Postoperative Care (during convalescence at the hotel)

* Budget Control Assistance


I am the affiliated agency of SRS & FFS clinics and fully funded by the hospital; therefore, I offer the above CONSULTANCY SERVICES to you at no additional cost on your medical bill. You will pay directly to the hospital or clinic, not to us, without any mark-up price. This means that you will receive the free-of-charge medical concultancy service from me if you choose to contact the doctor and hospital through Estetica Thailandia.

My services are unique and created with passion. I work closely with patients and treat them with as partner in this venture. I provide friendly assistance in all medical facets of the trip. My experienced and friendly liaison will work with you to assure that you receive a desirable treatment with most satisfying result. More than a liaison between client and hospital, I am your "friends and confidante" who will stand by you and hand hold you through this challenging moment of your life.

Sex change surgery has more complicated procedures than any other kind of surgery. The preparation before and after SRS is complicated as well i.e. SRS document preparation and submission, postoperative care, etc. 
I have worked with many SRS cases and are highly experienced; therefore, I can professionally assist you through your SRS journey​​

I am principal consultant at Estetica Thailandia. I started providing this consulting service 10 years ago when I did a translation job for an Italian transgender who came to Thailand for an SRS operation. Not long ago after her departure, I received many phone calls from Italy. The story about my service has been widely spread among her group of friends. And this is how "Estetica Thailandia" got started. From then, I have created strong connection with one of the most reputable hospital in Thailand to be their liaison and established Estetica Thailandia under the hospital expenses.

Over the year, I have assisted many clients with free of charge service in suggesting surgeons, interpreting, budget controlling and planning a safe and restful medical trip for them.

I found Estetica Thailandia as a place to assist everyone to achieve their dream. Rather than an agent, I see myself as their liaison and consultant who try to understand their concerns and give them a sincere assistance. 

I enjoy the companionships from all of my clients. To be a part of making their dreams come true is my delight and this is what keeps me going with Estetica Thailandia. 


Thank you for visiting my page and wish you the best for your beautiful future.


As you begin the journey down the path of transgender surgery, you need a friend and companion who knows how it all works to help you anticipate your needs at every point. At Estetica Thailandia, you can count on me to walk you through each step to make this once-in-a-lifetime decision a most satisfying one for you. I am your consultant who can explain every step of the procedure to you in simple layman's terms, so that you can make the best decision before, during and after the surgery.


My utmost concern is the patient's safety, well-being and satisfaction.


My name is Charee Sripaisalmongkol​

You don't Pay for my Service

You Pay Direct to the Hospital, without any Mark-ups



•   Penile Skin Inversion  

•   Scrotal Skin Graft

•   Signmoid Colon Vaginoplasty

•   Secondary Colon Vaginoplasty

•   Labiaplasty after SRS





•   Breast augmentation (less than 400 cc)

•   Breast augmentation (more than 400 cc)

•   Correction Breast Implants

•   Breast lift




•   Liposuction

•   Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)

•   Gluteal Implant (Buttock      






•  Scaling and polishing

•   Tooth whitening

•   Crown

•   Veneer



•   Face Lift
•   Neck lift
•   Tracheal shave
•   Brow bossing reduction
•   Hairline Lowering
•   Upper Eyelid
•   Lower Eyelid
•   Nose reduction
•   Cheek augmentation
•   Osteotomy-malarplasty

•   Chin augmentation​

•   Chin Reduction

•   Jaw reshaving

Why are my services perfect for you?

Excellent service​

Experienced consulting

Estetica Thailandia

Estetica Thailandia

Estetica Thailandia

Estetica Thailandia

Estetica Thailandia

Estetica Thailandia

Estetica Thailandia

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